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Make it work

Posted Date: 23.July.2015
I woke up one morning in November 2008 and thought "I am tired of this marriage and I am leaving". Within one hour, I had packed my boxes and my two kids and I was out of my matrimonial home. I drove the streets of Lagos wondering what I was doing and where I was going.

I slept in a hotel room the first night with the kids. The second day I was able to get an apartment that became my home for the next six years. I closed up from everyone. I had no friends. Only family members, close friends and my Pastor knew where I moved to.

My Pastor persuaded, instructed and cajoled me to go back but I just was not ready to go back. I couldn't put to words what I was feeling but all I knew at the time was "I wanted out of my marriage".

It was six years of quagmire. I realised I was still in love with my husband and he was still madly in love with me. The product of the six years is my little girl, who is a testament that separation or divorce is not the way out of any problem in your marriage but sheer commitment and desire to make it work, unless your life is in danger though. Otherwise my new mantra is "Make it work, Make it work".

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