Frequently Asked Questions
As a team with a wealth of experience, and with consumer satisfaction as the baseline of our services, we have decided to provide some answers to some of the most recurring questions asked by our clients and inquirers beforehand.
Do you consult on downstream matters?
Our area of expertise is basically on upstream matters; however, we are able to refer clients to credible and reliable downstream consultants that are well suited for your downstream concerns. To assist you in this regard, contact us through the information available at our contact page.
Does the firm accept intakes for internship?
Gladly, we do. As stipulated on our careers page, we are happy to work with, and contribute to the professional development of young and enthusiastic minds that are ready to soar high in the energy industry.
What are your specialties in the upstream?
o A: For accurate details, check our company profile, as well as our businesses..
Are the services rendered limited/restricted to Indigenous /local operators?
We offer our unlimited services to clients without geographical or political barriers..
Does the firm facilitate recruitment for International oil companies?
In as much as our services are exclusively oil and gas business related, however, we do support our outstanding trainees and outgoing employees with letters of recommendation which helps them while transitioning into career progression.