WECE Petroleum Engineering Services Ltd (WECE Petroleum) is a leading energy resource consulting firm. With comprehensive oil patch industry expertise and client-focused philosophy, we are positioned to deliver premium services/solutions to our clients.

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WECE Petroleum Engineering Services Ltd (WECE Petroleum) is a leading energy resource consulting firm. With comprehensive oil patch industry expertise and client-focused philosophy, we are positioned to deliver premium services/solutions to our clients. WECE Petroleum was set up to harness various expertise of Nationals from the industry in response to the need for independent reserves evaluation services and unparalleled petroleum engineering solutions in Africa.

WECE Petroleum provides a complete suites of professional services in the life cycles of an oil or gas field: from exploration to abandonment, covering Exploration and Appraisal, Field development plans and Production, Re-appraisal and Optimization, End of life evaluation and decommissioning. Our in-depth strong technical knowledge and distinguished reputation would benefit a diverse group of clients from small business to large integrated multi-national companies and national oil companies, as well as financial institutions, from the advisory and consultancy perspectives.

Our reservoir evaluation services at the early stage cover the complete spectrum of geophysical, geological and petroleum engineering disciplines providing our clients with comprehensive and unparalleled solutions to reservoir problems and development opportunities. Our approach will yield conceivable and credible solutions that satisfies the technical, commercial and economic drivers. Our deliverables include exploration prospect analyses, pressure transient, reserves and resource evaluations, simulation studies, supply studies, and Field development plans plus acquisition and divestiture evaluations option whether a commercial opportunity exists or not.

Our services at the middle stage (Field development plans and Production), converts the highest value solution into a successfully delivered, safe and reliable project that meets the identified drivers within the bounds of expected, risked, confidence levels. It draws on our combined industry experience and knowledge for project efficiency and lessons learnt from execution of numerous similar projects over the years. Actual Field Development Planning, Concept Definition (Pre-FEED), Front End Engineering and Design (FEED), Detailed Design, and Project Management Services are provided at this stage based on solid economic and commercial criteria and value to the stakeholders.

Our Services at the Re-appraisal and Optimization stage is essentially the enhance phase where we protect and maximize the value of the asset. This is done through continuous improvement processes, assessments and reassessment, state of the art technology application, and exploitation of other opportunities, throughout the operations phase. Our weight of experience comes to bear with our capacity enhancements protocols as well as our proprietary production increase initiatives. Our Integrated Production Modelling (IPM) tool is employed to drive Late Field Life Operation/Extension, Brownfield Modifications, and Debottlenecking activities for value added initiatives.

At the End of life evaluation and decommissioning stage, we invoke our strong technical knowledge to recommend the Abandonment and Restoration procedures. Our deliverables include: working closely with our clients to determine and deliver robust solutions, including strategies and plans through comparative assessment of options; and consequently delivering the best outcome in terms of safety, cost, environmental and societal impact.

Our devoted team of engineering and geoscience professionals is dyed-in-the-wool to providing unparalleled customer service, as we have the experience and technical expertise to handle any petroleum resource assessments. In addition to technical services, WECE Petroleum is pleased to offer numerous oil and gas training courses, workshops, and presentations that are tailored to both technical and financial audiences. Training is provided by instructors who have practical and technical experience in directly applying the technical analysis, economic considerations and regulatory guidelines fundamental to Petroleum Engineering problems and analysis.

Our Tools/Software

    Full suite of tools including petroleum systems modelling, well correlations, mapping and geocellular modelling
  • Geological and Geophysical Software
    OpenworksTM and GeologTM
  • Reservoir Engineering Software
    Eclipse Simulator offers the most complete and robust set of numerical solutions for fast and accurate prediction of dynamic behavior of all types of reservoir and development schemes. MBAL modelling for simple and uncomplicated reservoir performance reviews.
  • PVT and Core Analysis
    PVTCORR. In-house built program to authenticate PVT reports from vendor and advise appropriately CORE Advisor: In-house built program to authenticate Base Core reports from vendor and advise appropriately.
  • Production Engineering Softwares
    WelFlo; Fekete; Prosper
  • Pressure Transient Analysis Software
    Kappa’s Saphir
  • Economic Modelling Software
    PEEP; Ecomod (In-house built tool)
  • Engineering Design Software
    Weight and Cost; Hysys; AutoCAD

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